Writer’s… cramp.

Lately, the idea of blogging has looked a lot more like a chore than a pleasure.  I think I needed the entire summer to rebel against writing and the English language and all of the things I’ve had to be so careful about for so many years.  Things such as grammar, and “real” words.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to write, and I really do think that it was a break that I needed.  Looks like my brain’s turned to mush, but I’m back.  Maybe not with a vengeance, but I feel like I can–no, WANT to–start writing again.  Even if it’s just in this silly little blog.  🙂  Smiley face.


One thought on “Writer’s… cramp.

  1. Shannon says:

    WOOT to that! I look forward to your future ramblings but, if it ever feels like a chore, just say “No” to blogging! (… for a little while, but not forever please!) 😉

    Where’s the mancandy??

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