Jesus Among Other Gods


“It is a city that shows its wounds in public… people living on the streets–the old, the young, infants–by the millions, hurting.  The pain is so evident and so pervasive that its effect is to anesthetize you against it.  Then, with some friends, we visited an orphanage… As we walked in, children rose to their feet in their tiny little beds, and shouts came from different parts of the room, as little arms were raised.  Our hearts melted, and tears flooded our eyes.  Goodness in the face of evil is magnificent, because it is more than goodness; it is the touch of God.”
– Ravi Zacharias, Jesus Among Other Gods

Yes.  Yes.  I read this and my jaw just about hit the floor.  People ask me, and I’ve asked others this question myself, “how could all of the pain and misery that you saw in Africa not just devastate you?”  But Ravi has hit the nail on the head, he’s said it better than I’ve been able to. 

Last year when we were doing the Never Again is Again event, I was instructed by my professor that I needed to have the religious components of the documentary edited out, at the risk of offending.  When I passed this on, I was told, “well, there’s a spirituality about Africa that you can’t just edit out.”  Also well put… hard to believe sometimes, but when you’re there, you sense God’s touch, despite the pain and suffering.  I’d argue that it’s because of all the pain and suffering that God’s presence can be felt so strongly.  He’s there, right in the thick of things, in all His glory.  And it is magnificent.  Man… well said, Ravi!

Fantastic book, by the way; I’d highly recommend it.


One thought on “Jesus Among Other Gods

  1. Trevor Meier says:

    i though **we** were the mancandy! hi from Scotland!

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