Just one reason why I love Jen Lemen

So there’s this woman named Jen Lemen.  I don’t know much about her, except for what she writes in her blog.  I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon it in the first place, I only know that she is a source of great encouragement and inspiration for me.  You know that poster with the cat that says, “Hang in there, baby”?  I imagine the person who created that concept is a lot like Jen Lemen.  Optimistic, wise, and just oozing with love, except oozing is such an unpleasant sounding word.  Radiating and percolating and flowing with love. Especially dear to me of late is this post.  Particularly:   

He leaned back now, letting his hands swing into the air like a preacher giving a sermon. “People have lost their minds. We forget we’re part of one family, that we’re all connected.” He put the emphasis on forget and family, driving the point home. “We act like we don’t belong to each other, like we’re not brothers and sisters.”

Heck YES. 


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