Amos Lee makes me giddy like a 12-year-old girl at a Backstreet Boys concert


Just back from the Amos Lee show and I was like a pre-teen wearing a “Mrs. Carter” t-shirt. I kid you not.  Just ask Kiri; we sat there like two slack-jawed yokels for the entire duration of his set, trying to figure out if we could fit him into my car and make a quick get-away.  The man makes me want to flick my leg up like a penguin and shriek with glee.

I’m counting the stubs stuck to the back of my bedroom door, and of the tickets that I’ve kept, it looks like I’ve been to 43 shows in the last few years, featuring over 100 artists, and Mr. Lee is definitely in the top 5.

Seriously, check this out and tell me he does not make you SWOON:

Did you swoon? It’s okay if you swooned. That velvety, velvety voice, my goodness.

Okay… I’ll stop now. But he was phenomenal. Totally unpretentious, totally talented, and I am touched that he wrote all of those songs for me ;).


Oh yeah, and I’m going to Ireland tomorrow afternoon!!!  Last minute decision–pretty pumped!


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