They’re not a band; they’re a friggin’ force of nature.*

[I didn’t take this; I got it from here]

I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts so that maybe I could write a cohesive post about the experience of seeing Sigur Ros live, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, so here are some thoughts from Tuesday night itself, when I was barely in control of my emotions and just rambling:

– Best concert ever. Better than Amos, better than Au4, better than Coldplay at the Orpheum, better than Rufus, better than KT, better than Leslie, better than Guster, better than Incubus, better than Howie, better than Jason. Though all phenomenal, in one fell swoop the weirdos from Iceland have bested every concert in my Top Ten.

– Whoever designed the visuals obviously has some serious synesthesia, and some of the images / colours were exactly what the music looked like to me.

– I had to sit in my car for several minutes before I felt it was safe for me to operate a motor vehicle, I was so moved by the experience.

– Jonsi has overtones in his voice. OVERTONES. [No, he wasn’t throat singing, and I’m not sure if it’s something he does on purpose, but you could hear notes octaves apart when you put your ear to it. Just beautiful] And that falsetto

– I want to start playing the piano again, but for the fact that I don’t have a piano.

The Chan was the absolute best choice venue for this show. And no one could even smoke pot! YAY.

– The tech crew deserve medals of honor. They did a superb job. My tinnitus wasn’t even acting up after the show.

– I feel like I’m in love. What is going on in my brain right now that I have been so affected?**

– Their music is so INTERESTING. It almost never goes where you think it’s going to go, and you’re just sitting there with the music washing over you, and you can’t move, you’re just frozen where you are with your jaw on the floor, and all the sounds are tantalizing your ears, and it builds and builds and you’re waiting for dissonant chords to resolve and they do and it’s like this huge tension in you that’s just been released, or they DON’T resolve and your brain is ready to explode and then it’s silent and then it starts again and then more silence and more noises coming at you that don’t fit and yet they DO and you have to wonder if maybe they are all geniuses because I don’t know how else they could possibly put all of this together.

– I feel so sorry for all the fans who didn’t get to see them because scalpers are jerks and they couldn’t afford 300 bucks a ticket.

– Thank you, God, for giving me functioning ears.

– It was this amazing mix of serious and playful, somber and fun. They shot confetti out of cannons during Gobbledigook and it made up all the way up to the balcony. I stole a blue piece. It’s taped with the ticket to my bedroom door. [Sidebar: if ever I claim to have no money, don’t believe me. Just remind me to look at my bedroom door if I am having trouble remembering what it is that I am choosing to spend a good chunk of my disposable income. Brat.]

I’ve been pining for them and all these discombobulated thoughts that I wrote early early on Wednesday morning still ring true. Oh sigh.

*Well put, Adam, well put.

**Currently reading Musicophilia, with This is Your Brain on Music next in my queue to try to figure out what went down / why music in general has such a hold on humans.


2 thoughts on “They’re not a band; they’re a friggin’ force of nature.*

  1. Shannon says:

    You did a great job of summing up the concert. I don’t think I could have put it better myself! (And yay! Two posts in one day!)

  2. […] Science vs. God I mentioned briefly that I was reading Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain. I’ve since finished it, and found it infinitely interesting, and a totally great read! There […]

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