Let’s talk. Let’s ta-a-a-alk. Let’s talk.

As a group, we realized–just as the organizers had hoped–that much of what impeded true progress in the field was that we were using different terminology to mean the same thing, and in many cases, we were using a single word (such as ‘timing’) to mean very different things, and following very different elementary assumptions.

The idea behind such a gathering is that if the people who are world experts in the topic–often contentiously holding opposite views–can come to some sort of an agreement about certain aspects of the problem, science can move forward more quickly.

I was reading my morning dose of This is Your Brain on Music, and these passages in particular caught my attention.

What would happen if people holding different views actually engaged in dialogue, rather than holding at arms length those whom we have labeled “the other”? And what if–gasp!–we actually tried to solve some problems together?

Y’know, I’m just thinking, the potential rewards are huge!


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk. Let’s ta-a-a-alk. Let’s talk.

  1. wiganpier says:

    Good point Sara. Interesting that all of us are ‘the other’ to someone else. Once we grasp that basic fact and understand that in any dialogue or partnership, we are all more likely to get something if we give something, it all becomes a lot clearer.

    Problem solving together? Pretty obvious that this would be a good thing… so why is it so hard?

    • sarasramblings says:

      Thanks for posting! I don’t know if that last question was rhetorical or not, but I’m going to answer it anyway!! I know that for me, one thing that holds me back from actively engaging ‘the other’ is that I’m scared someone’s going to call me out. They’re going to want me to explain what I believe and why I believe it and they’re going to challenge me and see right through any pat phrase that I may have memorized and spewed out at them. Ironically enough, I find that those discussions end up being the most rewarding. Silly, silly creature.

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