She’s Neurotic

Today I was doing some not-so-riveting admin-type stuff at work, and listening away to Jim (my iPod). I found myself listening to songs that I didn’t really want to listen to, but I couldn’t bring myself to skip them, because I felt guilty that I liked those songs less than other songs. Like I would somehow hurt the songs’ feelings…

And then when the less retarded part of my brain chimed in and said, “you know it’s ok to listen to whatever you want,” it felt like a novel idea (???).

Am I insane? Does this happen to anyone else? What the dickens.


One thought on “She’s Neurotic

  1. Run For Life says:

    I totally do this as well sometimes. Though I do not think it disproves the insane theory since we share 1/458430853840603 of a brain. 😉

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