Musique Du Jour: Howie Day – Bunnies (live)

Howie Day has a new song out so I thought this might be good timing, especially since this song just popped up on shuffle.

Here’s the thing about Howie Day. His singles are good. I enjoy Perfect Time of Day, Brace Yourself, She Says. They’re fun pop songs.

BUT. Howie Day is unfortunately one of those (many) artist whose best work is not all that well-known, unless you’re already a fan and you go looking for it. I’ve seen him live three times, and he’s a phenomenal musician, but again, I don’t think that’s really showcased in what we hear on the radio.

Take a listen to Bunnies, and keep in mind that this is a one-man show, from start to finish. Just Howie, his guitar, a mic, and 14 or so pedals. If you like it I would definitely recommend the Madrigals EP / DVD. The DVD is outstanding.


One thought on “Musique Du Jour: Howie Day – Bunnies (live)

  1. Anya says:

    wow, I am a big non-radio Howie fan and somehow I’ve never heard this song. This one is so so so amazing. The beginning sounds somewhat like the beginning to the live version of Ghost/Beams of Light. Thank you for sharing this, Sara.

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