Bubba is dead!

Not to make light of the deaths of the King of Pop and the Queen of the Pinup, but did you know that Thursday, June 25 was also the day the King of Dangerous Driving finally went to that junkyard in the sky?

That’s right. Bubba, my “zero to sixty in two minutes”, kind of sort of sometimes but not really ever reliable ’94 Mercury Topaz kicked the bucket.

We’ve been through a lot together in our six years together:

– A couple of road trips what we certainly should NOT have taken together if safety were a concern

– Power steering failing on a busy Burnaby street

– Alternator going and all power failing while trying to merge onto Highway 99

– Countless overheating and stalls, often in dangerous situations

– Being broken into (HAHA! FOOLS!!!)

– Being rear-ended by a T-Bird

– Using up every single BCCA call we are allotted per year… EVERY year (not even joking)

– Rusting, leaking, moulding trunk

– 1 speeding ticket (I had thought that Speeding Bubba was an oxymoron, but apparently the cop disagreed)

– Brakes failing on Oak Street

Wow. I gotta admit, it’s nice to feel SAFE when I drive now, but looking back at all of this, I wonder if I’ll miss the thrill of putting my life in actual danger every time I get behind the wheel.

So, here’s to you, Bubba. We had a love/hate relationship but I will look back fondly at the times when you got me from Point A to Point B, and the many, many times you didn’t. I know you did the best you could, old buddy.

PS – Still trying to come up with a name for the new car. Suggestions welcome.


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