Ten Year Reunion

I feel like a kid again! I picked up a Harry Potter novel after a ten-year hiatus (for reals–I did the math), and already I find myself being sucked back into the world of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, messenger Owls and that damned Whomping Willow.

I’m sensing some serious teenage angst from dear Harry, but I guess he IS 14 now (reading The Order of the Phoenix). I remember when he and I were the same age. Sigh. We grow up so fast.

Should be good times!


One thought on “Ten Year Reunion

  1. Shannon says:

    Hurray! I’m glad you’re getting back into it. Really, those books are so much fun and I’m so glad you let me borrow yours those many years ago in high school 🙂

    I warn you, book 5 isn’t my favourite but the 6th and 7th really make up for Harry’s CAPSLOCK HARRY ANGST!!! *cough*

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