Karl’s coming home!!!!!

The people who are helping Karl (for now I am convinced that he truly was on a quest to find his brain) are getting sneakier and sneakier… I’m convinced a good portion of the office is in cahoots, because I was only gone from my desk for TEN MINUTES and when I returned, there was another letter from Karl!

And his hat has been replaced!!!! The one that I Vicki broke was smashed to smithereens, so maybe the Wizard really did give him a new one!  You’ll note in his last letter that his English has improved considerably:

(Click the image to see it full-size)

Apparently he’s coming back this afternoon… his friends will have to help him, and I need to know who’s behind this!

Needless to say I’m NOT leaving my desk–even if I have to pee the seat–until Karl’s back!


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