2012 update: Oooh this is old now. I’ll have to refresh it. Maybe later. For now, enjoy my 24-year-old self’s side of the story.

My name is Sara, and I’m 24. Here are a few fun facts about me:

I love Jesus.

I have broken my nose four times.

Roxy, my dog, may just be the cutest dog in the universe.  I’m just sayin’.

My love for music is such that I think I’d rather be blind than deaf.

I want to see the world.  Sigh.

My favorite mythical creature is the unicorn.

I have double-jointed elbows.

I hold deep respect for those with impeccable grammar.

I realize that the point above makes me sound a bit pretentious, but I’m not!  I’m just a big NERD!!

I wrote a novel once. It was terrible (like, so, soooooo bad), but I enjoyed the experience!

I am mildy to mediumly in love with Paulo Coelho.

Laughing is one of my very favourite things to do.

If you say something that inspires me or makes me laugh, I will probably write it down and refer to it for years to come.

Bubba is my car’s name; he is a real piece of work, and I often half-joke about blowing him to smithereens. (Bubba is now deceased)

I love the story.  I really believe that each of us has a story that’s worth telling and, perhaps more importantly, worth hearing. So I guess I want to know what makes you feel alive and what’s gotten you to this point in your life.

Oh, and can I just say I’m glad that you’re alive? Yes, you. At the risk of sounding silly, I hope you know that the world is a better place because you’re in it, and don’t listen to anyone (including yourself) who may try to tell you otherwise.


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